100 years of Villa Frübing

Schiebefenster The southern neighbourhood of Ilmenau Südviertel Ilmenau
  • Ilmenau had become a health resort at the end of the 19th century („Bad Ilmenau“) and offered cold water treatments
  • The southern neighbourhood developed in the southeast of the city, including spa gardens, spa hotel and an additional railway station at the entrance to the Ilm valley
  • Most of the new built villas offered accommodation for guests of the spa
  • Villa Frübing is one of the most beautifull houses in the neighbourhood, having rooms to let for guests during summertime as well.
1912 – erection of  Villa Frübing Villa Frübing alt_Winter
  • Erection of the house based on blueprints of the Ilmenau architect Richard Schmidt
  • Builder-owners are senior teacher Alfred Frübing and his wife Josefine
  • In the building predominate design elements of the Werkbund style, it is equipped with a hot water heating.
  • The family lives on the ground, on the upper storey rooms are being let to guests mainly in summer.
The  Frübing family and their house until 2000 Familie Frübing
  • The three sons of Alfred and Josefine grow up in the house
  • After WW II Peter was fallen, Joachim went to live in the Western part ofGermany and Alfred lived inBerlin – he inherited the house in 1969 after the death of the widow Josefine and managed the building
  • Each one apartment on the ground and first floor was rentet to different tenants
  • Necessary repairs and a renovation were planned by Peter Frübing (son of Alfred and grandson of the original builder-owner) in the years after 1990. By that time there had been no changes of appearance and building fabric since the erection of the house except for very few adaptations to its current use
  • Villa Frübing was listed monument in 1994
  • Based on the rent revenues necessary construction works could not be paid – when both tenants left in the year 2000, the house was sold
Renovation and new utilisation
  • There have been quite a few plans for reconstructions of the house by the new owner, including up to your apartments in the house: each one per floor including basement and attic storey; yet building works never started.
  • In 2010 we, the Philipp family, purchase the property and the house after ten years of vacancy.
Villa Frübing im Leerstand 2010
  • Planning for a renovation began in autumn 2010, guidance has our architect Jan Jaenecke from Dresden.
  • Building permission was granted in February 2011, works started in April: new roof covering, replacement of the floors, modernisation of all electric and water equipment including a modern gas heating, gentle floor plan adaptations in close alignment with the heritage authorities.
Zustand im Bau
  • The old wooden parts of the building and most of the windows have been restored and newly painted. Only few pieces had to be totally replaced.
  • Since summer 2011 already we live in the Villa’s ground and upper floor as a family with four children.
Wintergarten mit Wandbemalung
  • The basement of the house was modernised and reconstructed during the first semester of 2012 – it represents itself as the new holiday apartment of Villa Frübing.
  • For the renovation, we have been awarded with the 2012 monument award of the Ilm-Kreis district.
Familie Philipp vor der Villa